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In Just a Few Minutes With a
myBed® Conversion Kit

Upgrade your current mattress to a pillow top with the patented myBed® Conversion Kit. This will:


Improve the appearance of the mattress

• Increase the comfort of the mattress

•Extend the life of an existing mattress

• Save over 60% of the cost of a new mattress

• Eliminate the cost of removing and replacing the old mattress set

• Make your mattress open flame test compliant (California TB 129)


Upgrade the boxspring with a new cover. This will:


Improve the quality and appearance of the boxspring

• Save over 70% of the cost of a new boxspring


Here's How . . .



1) Place boxspring cover on top of boxspring and attach Velcro® on cover to bottom of boxspring.



2) Place mattress on top of boxspring and place innerspring cover over mattress. Flip mattress over.


3) Attach the hook and loop together.     4) Place optional cushioning pad on top of innerspring cover. Then place mattress top over cushioning pad. Line up corner of mattress top with corner of mattress.




5) Roll down Velcro® on innerspring cover and then attach hook and loop together.     6) Attach one corner then attach the corner diagonally across. Attach all four corners then attach the sides.


7) Turn mattress over and repeat steps 4, 5 and 6.    

8) MyBed® is ready for you to enjoy. Pleasant dreams!